The ICN Service Engineering Company is engaged in rendering of service package in the sphere of Service maintenance of engineering systems. Many years’ experience of work at objects of different purposes inside the Russian Federation serves as a proof of quality of services being provided.

At the moment the company provides services to more than 100 objects within the Russian Federation. All works are carried out by specialists who annually undergo training and appraisal in the authorized centres. Our company has independent stationary maintenance station, so we can perform complex maintenance with diagnostics and test running of equipment. Equipment repair is performed promptly depending on complexity of maintenance and stock status of spare parts.

ICN Service Engineering Москва, ул.Верейская д.17, стр.2, бизнес-центр «Верейская Плаза 2»
тел.: +7(495) 989 6116, 8-800-100-6116