We offer complex approach to technical control of engineering systems and in each specific case secure it individual and therefore we guarantee optimal approach to customers requirements.

For buildings with complicated engineering systems and high level of responsibility corresponding concept of maintenance is applied. The main point of the concept is following:

  • Engineering systems are considered as an integrated complex of related subsystems.
  • Service is performed according common idea of optimization efficiency-price.
  • Maintaining of comfortable conditions for people in common premises is considered as priority field of concern.
  • Careful attention is paid to standard, regulatory and engineering arrangements.
  • Energy efficiency is achieved through set of actions developed on the basis of energy survey analysis and continuous monitoring of consumed energy.
  • Engineering, technical consulting services and planning are intended to prevent penalty on the part of inspection bodies, energy and suppliers of public utility services, and to provide implementation of warranty terms and efficient timely minimized consumption of financial means.
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